It’s surprisingly one of the questions that gynecologists, sexologists and psychologists hear most these days at Adam4Adamn. Particularly girls, bisexuality is becoming more and more common sex orientation, passing through a “boom” as much as homosexuality in the late 80’s. Today, it’s very common to see girls in their teens dating boys but at the same time enjoying to make out or even to have sex with some of their girlfriends.

Many of those girls pass through a very confusing and distressing time trying to discover whether they are in fact bi sexual. It’s common girls start dating girls at Adam4Adamn just to be “accepted” in some group or not to feel different from peers and classmates. It’s very important to understand that there’s nothing wrong in being bi sexual. You are the only one to choose who you want sex with, and can’t be forced feeling pushed to engage in any sex-linked activity with someone you’re not attracted just because someone else thinks otherwise.

On the other side of the corner, it’s wise to respect your own feelings. If you’re thinking about being bi sexual, that means you’re already considering it. From a specific point of view, some people say that experimenting in sex would be the best thing to do (and we know that many times, when it comes to sex experimenting it’s really fundamental). If you’re feeling attracted by other girl, try and make a move, try to observe if she’s also interested. If you enjoy the experience, why not making it a custom? Being bi sexual may double your chances of finding a date, and even a sex partner.

It’s important to debunk the bias in bi sexual will eventually become promiscuous or that it’s nothing but an initial stage in becoming full-time homosexual. You have the same options, rights and doubts as any other person regardless of your sex orientation.

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